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Our Tack Board Panels

Enviromentally Friendly

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Our tack boards are made of a structural "green" panel made from 98% recycled post consumer content and contains no urea formaldehyde or asbestos additives.

Wouldn't you like a bulletin board that's has a fire-rated substrate (NC-8-238-2), and are mildew, mold and moisture resistant? All tackboard panels are perfect for homes, schools, conference rooms, corporate offices, playrooms and all work areas.

By utilizing and recycling post-consumer paper rather than using forest-cut wood we can decrease toxic air emissions by 73%; use 40% to 70% less water during manufacture; and use 70% less energy overall in producing the panels we use to create our tack boards.

Our Tack Board Fabrics

We only use material made from 100% recycled polyester. The main component is recycled soda bottles and other post-consumer plastic containers. This significantly reduces the need to use further resources in petroleum products.

Sound Absorption

One of the most remarkable benefits of our tack boards is that they are made of materials that started out as acoustical control panels. They have been tested for acoustical ratings using accepted ASTM methods in certified NVLAP laboratories. This means that our boards will help to reduce transmission of airborne and impact sounds. Additionally these lightweight boards are splinter free.